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Vinagre de Jerez Gran Gusto PAEZ MORILLA (Sherry vinegar PAEZ MORILLA)


Details: About Paez Morilla History: In 1910 Mr. Francisco P ez , our Managing Directorïs grandfather , founded with some friends a Wine Society for the purchase and enjoyment of old sherry wines. While selecting these wines , he discovered a small quantity of a unique high quality sherry vinegar.This vinegar was kept as a family heirloom , but in 1945 his son Mr . Antonio P ez Lobato had the idea of developing a totally new business from his treasured vinegar : It was to produce the first commercial SHERRY VINEGAR. Sherry vinegar was then regarded as a by-product of the sherry wine industry , although all the big sherry wineries kept a small reserve of this unique product.Since then, our company has been purchasing and collecting all the aged sherry vinegars which were sold by some firms within the Sherry District like Williams & Humbert , Sandeman , bodegas O_Neale and others . An exceptional purchase was that made from Mr.Alejandro Romero Osborne , whose vinegars dated back to 1936 and where of outstanding quality.That extraordinary finding led us to use it as the first step of our _ soleras _to give a touch of real history to our vinegars. At present , the busisnes is still family run and our inventory of 1.000.000 litres , aged in 2000 American oak casks , is the largest in the area , what allows us to maintain our vinegars with the highest quality standard.

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