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TuttoCalabria, Rose Marina Little Fish Nonnata di Pesce 6.7 oz (190 g)


Details: TUTTO CALABRIA NONNATA DI PESCE (CAVIALE DEL SUD) 6.7 OZ MADE IN ITALY TUTTO CALABRIA NONNATA DI PESCE ( CAVIALE DEL SUD ) 6.7 OZ The Calabrian (also known as the caviar of the south, caviar of the poor, or rosamarina nudicella) is a typical product of the province of Crotone in Calabria, the Ionian Ionian Cosentino Cosentino and Low, based sauce sardines and small / or medium-sized and red pepper. Most rosamarina is the mullet because, thanks to the natural color of these fish, when fishing is slightly pink and sweeter taste when cooked, compared to the commercial version made ​​with anchovies that appears completely white. You must specify that in Calabria with "rosamarina" refers at the same time the catch and the product worked a mo 'sauce. It is also excellent for preparing the superb meatballs or even, for the more daring, to eat fresh, freshly caught, with oil and lemon. Fishing for anchovies occurs in the months of March and April and the sale and preparation involves the area of the Ionian coast that goes from Trebisacce in Corigliano and its hinterland silane. Fishing for juveniles (rosamarina) actually covers the entire coast of Calabria, Tyrrhenian and Ionic, but apparently is not foreign to other regions, such as Sicily.

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