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Sunway ChuanWaZi Spicy Chili Oil Sichuan Homemade Hot Sauce Chili Sauce For Noodles, Sauce, Condiment No MSG, No Preservatives 8.11oz(Pack of 1)



  • [Sichuan Flavor] The biggest characteristic on Sichuan oil chili sauce is that it is spicy but would not let you feel dry in your mouth, spicy but It would not make your throat feel bad , which is suitable for anyone who likes spicy food.
  • [Quality assurance] Each bottle of chilli oil is handmade and contains no food additives,passing 18 food safety tests. Let you rest assured When you take every bite.
  • [Traditional Craftsmanship] After artificially screening bright color and plump Sichuan peppers and then they are poured into high temperature rapeseed oil to stimulate the flavor of the pepper, finally added peanuts, sesame seeds and other more than a dozen spices to enhance the flavor and taste of the chili oil.
  • [Excellent kitchen condiment] Sichuan chilli oil is used in rice, noodles, dumplings, pizza and many other dishes.It is a must-have for Asian cooking and no delicacy is complete without its addition.
  • [Easy to keep] use more than ten spices are used for preservative,no need to put in the refrigerator, please eat it up as soon as possible after opening the lid.

Details: Package Contains: One pack of 230g chili oil Sichuan pepper has the characteristics,such as small size, uniform shape, bright color, spicy flavor and good taste and it is rich in protein, fat, vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients needed by human body, which is the best pollution-free condiment.

UPC: 791809294607

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