Strega Traditional Colomba Cake - Easter Dove With Strega Cream 1kg



  • Strega Traditional Easter Dove Cake Made with the finest ingredients and inspired by traditional high pastry recipes
  • Deliciously soft texture thanks to natural leavening
  • Filled with a luxurious Strega liqueur cream for a unique and indulgent taste
  • Topped with a rich glaze made from hazelnuts and almonds for an extra layer of flavor
  • Comes in an elegant 1kg packaging, perfect for sharing with loved ones during the Easter season

Details: Drawing inspiration from the oldest high pastry recipes, Strega bakers have created a classic Easter product personalized with an excellent Strega cream. The natural leavening helps to give the Colomba Easter Dove Cake a soft texture, accompanied by the delicate flavor of the Strega cream.

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