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Shiro Dashi (Versatile Concentrate Dashi Base), 16.66 floz, Non-GMO, No artificial preservatives



  • Having a ready-to-make dashi base on hand in your pantry ensures that you are ready to create a wide range of delicious Japanese dishes.
  • Marukin's concentrated dashi base uses select, premium-grade dried bonito as its primary ingredient.
  • Rich with authentic flavor and umami, and exhibiting a wonderfully enticing aroma, this light-colored dashi makes it surprisingly easy to cook a variety of dishes with true authentic Japanese flavor.
  • The dashi base is made with a unique soy sauce which serves to enhance the umami flavor.
  • Made entirely from genetically-unmodified, unprocessed soybeans and contains no artificial preservatives

Details: What is Shiro Dashi? Shiro Dashi is a dashi soup base that is made up of katsuo dashi concentrate with usukuchi (light) soy sauce, which helps to preserve and emphasize the original color of the ingredients. This versatile dashi is ideally suited for a variety of Japanese cuisine ranging from noodles and stews to donburi, nabemono, and many more. Once you learn how to use shiro dashi, you'll be able to more easily create many authentic Japanese dishes. Guideline to mixing ratio (Shiro dashi: Water) Soup (1:9) / Simmered Dish (1:7) / Hot Noodles (1:6), Donburi (1:11), Cold Tofu: (10:0), Oden (1:13) / Chawanmushi (1:7)

UPC: 074601600136

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