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San Giuliano Cannonau Wine Vinegar 17 Fl. oz (Pack of 2)



  • Product of Itlay
  • From the Italian Region of Alghero
  • Ideal with green salads and vegetables

Details: The San Giuliano Cannonau wine vinegar is a n artisan product derived from Cannoncau red wine which takes its name from a selected grape variety cultivated in the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia. It is aged for 12 months in oak casks in order to exalt the aroma and give a roundness to the bouqet. Appealing ruby red color, pungent tangy aroma and light scent of grapes make it perfect for connoisseurs who want to rediscover distinctive flavors. It is particularly suitable for dressing green salads, grilled vegetables and oven-cooked fish. After opening, store in a cool place away from light. Any desposits that may form on the bottom of the bottle are perfectly normal and are caused by the natural aging of the product. Product of Italy.

UPC: 090452406055

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