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Rice Koji (Dried Malted Rice), 1.1 lbs - for making Shio Koji, Miso, Amazake, Pickles



  • With this dried malted rice you can easily make your own Shio Koji, Amazake, and even Miso paste!
  • Using only high quality, organic rice produced in Okayama prefecture, this rice koji does not contain any sugar or any additives.
  • The rice koji has been specially crafted, and depths of flavor when used to marinate, tenderize and season meats and fish.
  • Because it is a fermented food, it is also quite healthy!

Details: How to make Shio Koji with this rice koji: 1. Mix 200 grams of rice koji with 60 grams of salt. Then add 250 - 450 cc of water and mix thoroughly. 2. Place the mixture into a container and leave the lid open a small bit so that the gases produced from the fermentation can escape. 3. Let it sit at room temperature for 7 days in summer and 10 days in winter, stirring once every two to three days. 4. Enjoy! *To stop the fermenting process, keep the shio koji in the fridge with an airtight lid. It is recommended that the shio koji be consumed within 6 months.

UPC: 074601601423

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