Restoring Night Cream with Vibransea Complex, 1.7oz

We love Patti Pao: She is dynamic, innovative, brilliant, and after launching over 400 products in the beauty industry, brings us her very own: Restørsea. Her line of luxury insider products is backed by true science, sustainability, and breakthrough discovery. Patti is a perfectionist, and every detail, from the product design and packaging to the gentle springtime scent and texture, support the foundation of a unique and truly exceptional skincare line. Patti serendipitously discovered the active, natural enzyme in Restorsea products while visiting a Norwegian salmon farm. After identifying this natural, proprietary hatching enzyme, Restorsea was born ...and there’s nothing else like it! Restørsea Restoring Night Cream Benefits:
  • WAKE UP TO RADIANT AND GLOWING SKIN - Works with your skin’s regenerative process to provide dramatic results overnight. This restoring night cream features Aquabeautine XL & Exfoliating Enzymes.
  • REDUCES THE APPEARANCE OF LINES AND WRINKLES - This thick hydrating night cream for men and women softens skin & gently exfoliates with natural enzymes. This all-natural, hypoallergenic face cream is dermatologist recommended.
  • EXCELLENT FOR THE MOST SENSITIVE SKIN AND ROSACEA - This renewing night cream will not clog your pores and is 100% paraben free with no PEGs, phthalates, sulfates, silicones, or mineral oil. Reduce redness as you sleep with this calming night cream.
  • PROVIDES SIMILAR RESULTS AS RETINOLS BUT WITH NO IRRITATION - The enzyme exfoliator in Restørsea products is naturally designed to only digest dead cells, leaving living cells unharmed. Retinols and glycolic acids found in other “natural” day creams chemically burn both living and dead cells, causing more irritation.
  • CONTAINS ACTIVE ENZYME AQUABEAUTINE XL - A revolutionary enzyme, derived from salmon roe, exclusive to Restørsea products. This face cream for sensitive skin is extraordinary because this proprietary active enzyme selectively digests dead skin cells, leaving the living cells untouched and revealing soft, exfoliated skin.

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