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[Product of Japan] Shibanuma Japanese Artisanal Nama Shoyu / Soy Sauce 生醤油・柴沼醤油 紫峰の滴 - 300ML



  • This is a super-specially selected raw soy sauce. Enjoy the color and aroma of genuine raw soy sauce
  • Only carefully selected soybeans, wheat and salt are brewed in a traditional wooden tub. "Ki-soy sauce" is a bottle of freshly squeezed raw soy sauce that is not adjusted or burned.
  • The unique "umami", "rich taste" and "rich taste" created by repeating fermentation and aging in the mash of yeast that has lived in the brewery from the Edo, Meiji and Taisho eras together with "Shiho no Drop" in a 300 ml square bottle
  • You can enjoy the "flavor". The original aroma and rich taste of soy sauce enhance the taste of the ingredients. It has a refreshing taste and goes well with sashimi.

Details: Shibanuma Premium Japanese Yuzu Ponzu Citrus and Bonito Seasoned Soy Sauce, Contains 8.2% Fresh Yuzu Citrus - 300ML

UPC: 738705033985

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