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[Product of Japan] Imperial Authentic Tamari Soy Sauce World Masterpieces "Sekigahara Tamari" | 1.8 Liter



  • 天下分け目の地 ・ 関ヶ原生まれ
  • It was introduced on TV by Mr. Rokusaburo Dojo and became known to the general public.It is a taste unique to long-term brewing (two years), which differs from ordinary soy sauce in one or two tastes.
  • Tenka's specialty "Tamari Sekigahara" As a gem that makes the best use of the taste of the cuisine, "Tamari Sekigahara" that the first-class cooks recognize the taste including the Imperial Household Agency.
  • The flavor and taste unique to the soya soy sauce that spreads in full, and the smell of soybeans that come off the nose are just fine items, this is a masterpiece of the heavenly world.
  • Size: 1800ML | | 1.8 Liter, Product of Japan

Details: ■ Name: Tamari soy sauce ■ Contents: 1.8 L (1800 ml) ■ Raw material: defatted soybeans, salt, wheat, sweetener (licorice), preservative (Na benzoate) ■ Expiration date: About 2 years from production ■ Storage method: Keep away from direct sunlight. ■ Manufacturer: Sekigahara Brewing Co., Ltd.

UPC: 744044413135

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