Pickett's Brothers

Pickett's Ginger Beer 16oz (2 Pack) (#1 Medium & #3 Hot N' Spicy)

This is a 2-Pack of Pickett's Ginger Beer (16oz). For your 2 bottles select Medium Spicy, Hot N' Spicy or one of each if you like nice variety. Pickett's Ginger Beer is a delicious concentrated syrup. With 5 ounce of seltzer water you can create 6 ounces of delicious, fiery ginger beer! That means one 16 ounce bottle of syrup makes 96 ounces of finished soda. What's in it? Pickett's is chock full of all-natural ingredients like ginger extract, cane sugar, and a special spice blend that provides a medium-amount of pants-kicking flavor. Just add an ounce to five ounces of soda water and you have yourself a premium ginger beer that's perfect for Moscow Mules, Dark 'N Stormy's, or on its own as a unique non-alcoholic treat. Look, it's not called Pickett's #1 for no reason. Grab a bottle for yourself today and get ready to enjoy the best ginger beer you've ever had! In stock and ready to ship. The Hot N' Spicy version kicks it up a notch for those who like everything just a little hotter.
  • Made with all natural ingredients
  • Mix and Match Flavors: Medium Spicy / Hot n' Spicy
  • Designed for use in cocktails, flavorful sodas, and other non-alcoholic drinks
  • Add some zip to desserts, glazes, dressings, and dips

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