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Pickett Brothers, Syrup Drink Ginger Beer Medium Spicy, 16 Ounce

With a bottle of Pickett's #1 Ginger Beer concentrated syrup on your home bar, you can serve your cocktail guests their favorite Ginger Beer cocktail with the only all-natural product on the market. Just add bubbly water and enjoy! Works great with soda making machines. Add to tea. Because this is an all natural concentrate, don't be afraid to use it as a cooking ingredient or food topping. Make dessings, glaze/marinade veggies, meats and seafood, drizzle over ice cream and cheeses.

Pickett Brothers Beverage is an all natural soda and syrup company based in Brooklyn, NY. They are focused on reinterpreting the flavors of your youth and reinventing your favorite cocktails with their attention to detail, knowledge of the industry, and dedication to quality in everything they do.

1 16oz bottle of syrup makes 96 ounces of finished soda.

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