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Pastry 1 Glucose Syrup 2.2lb. DE(dextrose equivalent) Rating Of 45-49. GMO Free, Trans Fat Free Liquid Glucose In A Resealable Plastic Pail. Glucose



  • Pastry 1 Is The Foundation For All Your Pastry Creations. Pastry 1 Complements Any Skill Level, Whether You’re Working From Scratch Or Need Time And Labor Savings. Powder Preparations, Glazes, Decorations, Chocolate Cups, Sugars, Gelifiers and Stabilizers, Extracts and Essences Colorings
  • Pastry 1 Glucose Has Some Of The Best Ratings In The Industry And That Is Why It's The Choice Of Professionals Everywhere. DE Rating 45-49, Baume 43 Degrees, Brix 80 Degrees. Pastry 1 Glucose Prevents Crystallization While Cooking Sugar, Croquembouche, Nougatine And Pulled Sugar Flowers. It Also Stabilizes Ice Cream, Sweetness Control, Freezing Point Control, Improved Mouthfeel And Creaminess Are Its Major Benefits.
  • Pastry 1 Glucose is Crystal Clear, Thick Syrup, Easy To Handle, Clean, Sweet Flavor With No Aftertaste, Will Not Crystallize, All In A Convenient 2.2lb. Resealable Plastic Pail.
  • Product Certifications: GMO Free, Trans Fat Free
  • Country of Origin: Italy
  • Unit count type: Ounce

Details: Pastry 1 Glucose Is An Obvious Choice With Professionals, Having DE= Dextrose Equivalent-45-49 Used as an ingredient in many preparations: to prevent crystallization while cooking sugar; croquembouche; nougatine; pulled sugar flowers. Stabilizes ice cream. Sweetness control, freezing point control, improved mouthfeel and creaminess are its major benefits.

UPC: 837775006452

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