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[Pack of 2] [Prodcut of Kochi, Japan] Kaoru Yuzu Powder, Aromatic Seasoning 新感覚調味料 かおる柚子 小瓶 - 6 Gram



  • Capturing the Essence of 4 Whole Yuzu Kaoru Yuzu Powder is a seasoning that captures the essence and aroma of yuzu in powdered form that quickly dissolves in liquid, making it easy to quickly add a bit of the fresh and floral yuzu nuances to your meals. Each bottle contains the flavor of 4 whole ripe yuzu, sourced from Aki City, Kochi Prefecture-- Japan's number one growing region for yuzu citrus.
  • Enjoy the beautiful and elegant flavor of yuzu all-year round; it's perfect in donabe hot pot dishes, noodles, soups, tea, or even vanilla ice cream.
  • Kaoru Yuzu Powder by Ureshino Lab Using advance technology to create wholesome, healthy, and pure products, Tsuji Seiyo, a Japanese oil company and parent company of Ureshino Lab, aim to only deliver honest and delicious products to their customers. They only start with the best natural ingredients and also work with communities and farms to create more sustainable and renewable food sources.
  • Product of Kochi, Japan [6 Gram Mini Jar, Pack of 2]

Details: In order to leave the refreshing and soft scent of the ripe yuzu, we use about 4 yuzu oil extracted from the skin of the yuzu without heat. In addition, you can enjoy the refreshing flavor of Yuzu by adding Yuzu juice to the granules. Yuzu has the highest production volume in Japan, and uses only fully-ripened yuzu grown in Aki City, Kochi Prefecture, known as "Yuzu-dokoro". Regardless of the season, the scent of the season spreads easily on the dining table at any time of the year. Since it is a quick-melting granule type, it can be easily used for drinks and soups. It's in a small bottle that's easy to carry, so it's easy to use as My Yuzu, even when you're on the go. 完熟柚子のさわやかでやわらかな香りを残す為に、柚子の皮から熱をかけずに抽出した柚子オイルを商品1本に約4個分使用しています。さらに、柚子果汁も加えて顆粒にすることで、柚子の清々しい風味もお楽しみ頂けます。柚子は、生産量日本一をほこり、「柚子どころ」として知られる高知県の安芸市で育った完熟柚子のみを使用しています。季節を問わず、一年中いつでも手軽に旬の香りがふわりと食卓に広がります。さっととける顆粒タイプなのでドリンクやお吸い物にも手軽にご使用頂けます。携帯に便利な小瓶入りなのでMy柚子として、外出先でも手軽にご使用頂けます。

UPC: 738705027779

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