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Ozaki food citrus kingdom drink vinegar Blood Orange 200ml



  • Contents: 200ml
  • Ingredients: Blood orange juice, fructose glucose
  • Product size (height x depth x width): 210mmx55mm

Details: Use a blood orange of Ehime Prefecture. Delicious, of course, is a product with a scarcity value. Along with the great Japanese citrus. The citrus kingdom, it is born and raised brand from literally citrus country "Ehime". In Ehime we live, countless citrus groves spread on the slopes of gentle mountain facing the Rias coast, support the citrus harvest amount of Japan's largest, just the environment as a "citrus kingdom" has taken root in the region. Breeding in accordance with the change of climate is also actively carried out, and you can taste close to feel the citrus throughout the year. We were born in such nature, stick to citrus in Japan, which was the beginning a lot of Ehime citrus, sweet, sour things, the motto that you take advantage of the very best of grace each of nature , the taste, such as eating the fruit with the image, we have the creation of products that with value-added. 1, explore the natural and simple taste. Citrus kingdom of goods is a simple taste. Mix something with fruit juice. Boil down with finely cut fruit and pericarp. Most of the goods, it is Nakari also the take of so easily explained. Because it is grace that gave me great pains brought by nature, we try to process the natural flavor with a citrus live. 2, attention to materials, a sense of security. Citrus, which are used in citrus kingdom is everything domestic that including Ehime. However, Any not mean that good, we have our which is indispensable in making products "Natural and simple taste" Umidaseru selection of fruit. Citrus bur of raw material, it is only stuck to the domestic. Proactively the locality notation, will deliver the goods that can be mouth everyone at ease. "Drink vinegar" of citrus kingdom, vinegar and blended with our own recipe citrus was born from the mild climate of Ehime attention. Not only sour, a refreshing aroma and taste of citrus-derived, is a health beverage to enjoy with a juice sense to those who elderly from children.

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