Beauty and Blossom

Organic Yuzu Fruit Spread 9.2 oz (260g). 100% made in Organic Yuzu and Grape juice. No sugar and no additives.



  • The ingredients are Japanese organic Yuzu and organic Grape juice without sugar, Thickeners such as pectin, perfumes, acidulants..
  • Taking advantage of the sweetness of organic fruits, it is finished with low sugar content.
  • Please use it for baking or baking cakes. It can also be used as a fruit source for yogurt and sweets toppings. Dissolve in water and harden with agar or gelatin and use as a jelly. It can be served as a sorbet if it is dissolved in water and frozen in a freezer.
  • You can melt it in hot water and drink it as yuzu tea. If it is dissolved in black tea, it will be a flavor tea with a yuzu flavor. It is delicious as Yuzu miso if mixed with miso. In addition, it can also be used to make seasonings such as dressings.

Details: In light foods, we released sources that did not use any synthetic additives in 1964, and then, in 1977, we released sources using organic raw materials, sticking to safe raw materials, no synthetic additives, organic raw materials We have been promoting the creation of genuine food products. And not just seeking efficiency, without compromising, we do not spare time and effort, and make products that leave the goodness of handmade without making everything automated. In addition, the production tank is based on hand washing and hot water washing. At the Upper Plant, we introduced a line compatible with HACCP in order to make safer and more delicious food. The ceiling and walls of the manufacturing room, the bottle room, the filling room, the packaging room and the waiting tank room are all stainless steel. Positive pressure is used to prevent the entry of insects, and a clean room is adopted for the filling chamber. In addition, cameras are installed in the plant from the viewpoint of traceability and food defense in manufacturing.

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