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Morita Premium Organic Cooking Sake,16.66 floz,Umami-rich flavor and a full-bodied fragrance



  • This premium cooking sake is made using a sophisticated brewing technique and very carefully designed, resulting in an umami-rich flavor and a full-bodied fragrance.
  • Made entirely from organic rice, it exhibits large amounts of the five main flavors: sweetness, acidity, saltiness, bitterness, and umami.
  • Perfect for enhancing the distinctive flavor of various foods and ingredients.
  • Quite versatile, and can be used sparingly to add a dose of umami to many sauces and dishes.

Details: Tips to use this organic cooking sake: Just like you can use red or white cooking wine for various dishes, so too can you use cooking sake. This cooking sake contains 2% salt, which differentiates it from regular drinking sake. Be sure to use proper amounts to avoid making foods too salty. Also, it is best to marinate or add the sake to ingredients sooner rather than later in order to get the best flavor. Use this cooking sake in stir-fries, as part of a marinade, and in other dishes that you might normally use white cooking wine to add a Japanese flair. It can also be used to tenderize meat or balance the smell and taste of overly fishy fish.

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