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Monograno Felicetti Matt Tagliatelle with Egg Pasta Italian Organic Non-GMO 17.6oz (500g) 2 Pack



  • Matt is a rich variety of durum wheat grown in Puglia, Italy. When cooked it has the aroma of summertime hay and tastes of stone baked bread and butter.
  • Matt is a Single Modern Heritage grain durum wheat that Felicetti carefully sources and selects from farms. We have been working with our farmers for generations. Felicetti contract grows Matt wheat, stores it at the mill in dedicated silos and calls for grinding into semolina flour within 24 hours of production. We then marry the flour with our artisanal pasta making skills, our alpine water, and our clean mountain air.
  • Perfect Pasta Every Day; Throughout 4 generations of artisanal pasta making, Felicetti has created the perfect al dente pasta. It never over cooks, never sticks and never boils over.
  • Used by Michelin Starred Restaurants throughout Italy and the world, Monograno Felicetti has a reputation as one of the premier pastas of Italy. The pasta’s trademarks are its flavor and that it holds “al dente” beyond the cooking time.
  • Founded in 1908 in the Italian Alps in an area called the Dolomites, Felicetti is now managed by the 4th generation of the family. The family values their history as artisanal pasta makers while preserving the environment.

Details: Single-heritage and Ancient Organic Durum Wheats Felicetti uses three different single, mono-varietal wheats to create Monograno. Kamut and Farro are ancient grains originating thousands of years ago in Egypt and the Middle East. Matt is a Modern Heritage grain. Four generations of artisanal pasta making The Felicetti family has been crafting the finest Pasta in Predazzo, Italy since 1908. Four generations later, their passion for cooking has never diminished. Being environmentally responsible is a core value of the Felicetti family. As we make our pasta, we make sure to honor this value by only using pure water and air from the land. This tradition is one of the reasons our pasta is sought after by world class chefs.

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