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Model Car Kit - 3D Model kit Silver Bullet - Moving Wind-Up Retro Car Model | 3D Puzzle for Adults - Metal DIY Kit | Beautiful Metal Model Car Collectible | DIY Construction Set of a Vintage Car



  • Beautiful Vintage Car Model Kit - An elegant vintage metal puzzle kit for DIY construction, inspired by the most amazing historical and creative designs.
  • Considerable Size - These are moderate size models, not tiny toys (see size details in the technical information below).
  • Unique Wind-Up Moving Mechanism - This metal model kit has a moving mechanism, unique to the market, based on a spring and wind-up lever.
  • Opening / Moving Sections - Opening and moving elements like car doors or hood, levers, steering wheel and/or wheels etc.
  • Gift Box - Comes with elegant packaging, making the perfect gift for anyone in your life.

Details: A legendary, beautiful retro design. A fast sports car from the past, inspired by the winners of international car races from the beginning of the century. Open to the wind and aerodynamic, this elegant historical sports vehicle is a joy to build and look at. The open steering rods that go to the front wheels are located under the car body. The intricate engine gears can be seen beneath the hood. Package size: 255 x 125 x 23 mm Model size: 151 x 57 x 44 mm Set: 3 plates with parts, 4 additional gears, spring, cloth for polishing, and instructions. Material: polished stainless steel. Number of pieces: 92 pieces Recommended age: 14+ Language of instruction: English, Ukrainian, German, French, Spanish, Russian."

UPC: 850009324191

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