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Mieli Thun Castagno - Italian Chestnut Honey - 8.80 oz/jar - 2 pack

Mieli Thun Monofloral Honeys are produced without pasteurization or additives. In this way Andrea is able to capture the pure fragrance and flavor of each flower species in the respective honey. For healthy honey seekers, honey contains antioxidants, and the darker varieties contain large quantities of antioxidants known as flavenoids. This is the Chestnut Honey. Produced between the end of June and the first half of July from wild mountain chestnut flowers, this honey is extraordinarily versatile and is rich in minerals. Amber colored, it possesses an aromatic, herbal and pungent aroma and flavor with a slightly bitter and tannic aftertaste.
  • 2 jars of Mieli Thun Italian Chestnut Honey, 8.80 oz per jar
  • Sourced from wild mountain chestnut flowers, Miele Thun's Chestnut Honey has a pungent aroma with a slightly bitter aftertaste. Dark and spicy, with touches of smoke and leather, chestnut honey is complex, mysterious, and nuanced.
  • Pair it with aged cheeses such as parmigiano reggiano and whipped ricotta cheese. In Tuscany they drizzle the honey on pecorino and serve it with sliced pears.
  • Excellent with all hazelnut preparations and in the dough of rye bread.
  • Mieli Thun produces honeys that are pure, nomadic and monofloral - composed from the nectar of a single flower. Made in Italy and produced without pasteurization or additives

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