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Maruman Two-Year Fermented Miso Paste,10.58 oz



  • Crafted by Kyoichi Nakata, who also invented the first non-additive miso in Japan, this miso proudly exhibits the distinctive, ancient bold flavors of salty and rich umami.
  • To make this miso, a two-year process of fermentation is undertaken, but it is well worth the time and effort.
  • You will easily realize the significant difference in the flavor of this miso compared to other mass-produced miso pastes.
  • Many people enjoy miso soup and adding miso to other dishes because of the health benefits miso offers.
  • You will likely want to make this a staple in your kitchen simply because of the amazing flavor.

Details: How to use this premium miso paste: Miso is a very versatile ingredient and can be used to flavor many different types of dishes aside from the common miso soup. Its bold, salty flavor can enrich fish and meat dishes, and also develop subtle layers of additional flavor with vegetable dishes, mushrooms, and even hamburgers. Stir-frying meat with a mixture of this miso and dashi stock creates an enthralling mixture of intense umami. Miso will last a very long time in the fridge as well--usually, about 9-18 months after you open the container. So you'll be able to continue to enjoy the flavors of this miso for quite some time!

UPC: 074601600310

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