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Mancini - Sweet Roasted Peppers, (2)- 12 oz. Jars



  • From Mancini's Kitchen to Yours
  • Sweet Fire Roasted Peppers
  • Excellent Italian Brand
  • (2)- 12 oz. Jars

Details: Mancini Pepper Rstd Red, 12 OZ. Pack of 2. Mancini roasted red peppers maintain a unique appearance that is brought about by the fire-roasting method in which they are cooked. As the term implies, Mancini Roasted Sweet Red Peppers have been open flame roasted, wherein the outer layer, or skin of the red bell peppers is actually cooked to a crisp. The actual pepper, underneath the skin becomes very moist and tender during the roasting process. Due to a host of factors, including the presence of natural sugars in the peppers, the red peppers develop a sweetness that is very appetizing.

UPC: 070410050216

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