Loison Mandorlato Panettone with Almonds, Orange Peels, Raisins 2.2lb


The Panettone Mandorlato is covered and decorated on the surface with a fragrant Italian almond glaze and granulated sugar. The yellow and soft sponge is enriched with sultanas and aromatic candied peel of Sicilian Oranges and Diamante citron from Calabria. The panettone with almonds is produced in compliance with the Italian confectionery tradition, with sourdough and a 72-hour artisanal process.

Our Panettone Mandorlato Royal is studded with sultana raisins and candied peel of oranges from Sicily, then topped with Italian almonds and sugar crystals. This is where the timelessness of the most classic sponge meets the crunchy texture of Italian almonds.

The delicious and one-of-a-kind Pâtisserie Line. For this line, we use the most delicious top ingredients and we follow a special production process that utilizes the most modern and advanced systems. Nonetheless, we still observe the long and slow times that the leavening requires, according to Italy’s ancient pastry tradition. The result is a soft, spongy product that is highly digestible. Linea Pasticceria, prelibata e inconfondibile. Si distingue per la qualità di tutti gli ingredienti garantiti Loison e per la speciale lavorazione, che avviene secondo i sistemi più moderni ed avanzati, ma nel rispetto dei lunghi e lenti tempi di lievitazione tipici dell’antica tradizione pasticcera italiana. Il risultato è un impasto morbido e altamente digeribile.

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