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La Brujula Sardines In Olive Oil 3/4 Pieces



  • All of these sardines are fished in the plankton rich waters off the coast of Galicia between June and October, and processed immediately. They are prepared by hand and put into wire trays and gently steamed, before being packed by hand into tins, which are filled up with olive oil. With a firm texture and a mild, deeply agreeable flavour. Brindisa - La Brújula

Details: La Brújula is unanimously regarded as one of the world's finest names in preserved seafood. These small sardines are fished off the coast of Galicia, Spain between June and October, and canned immediately to preserve maximum freshness. After being hand-sorted and arranged onto wire trays, the sardines are gently steamed, meticulously arranged in each can, and submerged in olive oil. Their texture is tender, with a round and mellow flavor profile, making them wonderful on their own or as an ingredient. Each tin contains sardines with only the lower 3/4 of the fish's body intact, ensuring that every bite has pitch-perfect texture. As for the quality of the fish itself, La Brújula is enviously positioned along Galicia's famed estuaries, with clean, crisp waters loaded with plankton and myriad healthy fish populations. In addition to sardines, La Brújula produces a wide variety of equally esteemed conservas. Galicia, Spain

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