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Kuki Sangyo Pure Black Sesame Paste (Unsweetened), 5.29 oz, 100percent black sesame seeds



  • Carefully selected black sesame seeds are the only ingredients of this aromatic sesame paste.
  • Rich and smooth texture with a toasty and nutty aroma and distinct sesame flavor.
  • You can use it just as you would peanut butter. Spread it over bread with honey, mix into other condiments, add it to soup, or combine with miso or hummus. Also, it can be spread on ham, ramen, and dan dan noodles (ramen noodles with spicy meat sauce) to add a nutty flavor and body.
  • You can mix it in sauces and dressings, or knead into bread dough too.

Details: How to use this Pure Black Sesame Paste: This is such a versatile paste that can easily be used in both savory and sweet dishes. You can enjoy it spread on bread, mixed into other condiments and sauces, and added into soups or stews. With ice cream, you can either blend it into ice cream itself, add it as a topping, or why not both? To make delicious black sesame dressing, just combine equal parts Pure Black Sesame Paste, soy sauce, vinegar (white or rice vinegar), and sugar, then mix well. This aromatic and appetizing black sesame dressing can be savored with salad, tofu, and even karaage fried chicken.

UPC: 074601600723

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