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Kameya 100percent Hon Wasabi, 1.48 oz from Shizuoka, Japan



  • Many inexpensive wasabi pastes are actually made with horseradish. This Hon Wasabi (so-called "real wasabi") delivers the pure, fresh pungency without the need for horseradish.
  • Made from high-quality wasabi grown at the skirt of Mt. Amagi in Izu, Shizuoka, Japan.
  • The production process includes the abundant rainwater from the Kakita River springs, which is rich in nutrients.
  • The ingredients and the water definitely do make a difference, because this brand of Hon Wasabi is known by many the tastiest in Japan.
  • Perfect condiment to accompany sashimi, sushi, meat dishes, and soba noodles.

Details: How to use this hon wasabi: There are many uses for hon wasabi with both Japanese and Western dishes. - Mix a small amount with a mentsuyu dipping sauce for cold soba (buckwheat noodles). - Add a small amount to soy sauce to use for dipping sashimi or sushi. - Put a small amount in sushi rolls. - Add a small amount to steak or roast beef instead of mustard or horseradish. - Mix a small amount with mayo for a unique dressing that features a mild and pungent flavor.

UPC: 074601603113

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