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Japanese Premium Miso Marinade, 10.58 oz



  • Miso is commonly used as part of a marinade, with the addition of other ingredients.
  • But now you can simplify the marinating process and get tons of flavor with this ready-to-use miso marinade.
  • Made with a blend of bold red miso paste and Kinzanji moromi (a seasoned chunky miso mash where raw soybeans, barley, rice-wheat, salt, and koji become completely fermented), this artisan miso marinade is specially crafted to be used exclusively as a marinade.
  • It delivers a distinctive taste and texture on whatever meat and fish you are marinating. The flavor is full-bodied, fragrant, with a subtle salty-sweetness. It delivers the perfect amount of umami to any meal.
  • This marinade does not contain any MSG.

Details: Add a unique and delicious kick to grilled or broiled fish, meat and vegetables with this miso marinade! 1. Cut any kind of meat, seafood, or vegetables to marinade. 2. Add marinade miso to ingredients in Ziplock bag. (Recommended ratio - Marinade 1: Ingredients 3) 3. Marinate 3 hours for a lighter taste, 12 hours for a bolder taste in the fridge. 4. Take out from the fridge and lightly wipe or wash away the miso, then grill/broil. You can also use this miso marinade in stir fry dishes, or as a dipping sauce, but the marinade is where the flavors truly develop.

UPC: 784145101067

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