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Iwatani Cooking Torch - Professional Culinary Butane Creme Brulee and Food Torch Burner


Color: Silver


  • Adjustable Gas Flow Control for small to large flame size and Air regulating knob.
  • FOOD TORCH USES: Crème Brulee torch, Meringue, Au Gratin, Browning Meat, Sous Vide, Melting Cheese, Skinning Peppers, Tomatoes & Eggplant. Corn on the Cob.
  • RELIABLE PIEZO TRIGGER IGNITION. No need to keep brulee torch trigger in once lit.
  • A Restaurant Quality Torch for Home Cooks, DIY, Plumbers, Camping.
  • Use with Iwatani Cassette Gas

Details: Professional cooking torch for all cooking needs. Use only with Iwatani gas cylinder, Bu-5 and BU-6. Become a professional Chef and make Creme Brulee and other fine foods to impress and make for friends and family. Perfect for caramelizing sugar atop your creme brulee, glazing a baked ham for the holidays, searing a steak, roasting bell peppers, melting cheese and toasting bread crumbs.

UPC: 022918100115

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