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Fratelli D'Amico Cooked Wheat Grain - 20.5 oz (Pack of 2)



  • Pack of 2 - 20.5 Ounce Glass Jars
  • Product of Italy
  • Pre-Cooked Wheat Grains for "Naples-Style Cake"
  • Italian cooked wheat used to make Italian Easter pie or Pastiera Napoletana. Grano cotto is truly the soul of the dish. Jars of ready-to-use wheat grano cotto are a staple in the baking section of Southern Italian supermarkets. Even labeled "per pastiera."

Details: D'Amico Cooked Wheat Grain, also called Gran Cotto, is the essential ingredient in many Italian cakes and Italian pies. One of the most famous Italian desserts made with Gran Cotto isPastiera Napoletana, a Neapolitan Easter dessert made with ricotta cheese and candied fruit.

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