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Fabbri Baba in Rhum Italian Baba Cakes in Rum 400 Gram



  • Rhum Baba by Fabbri are traditional pastries dipped in rhum and filled with delicious custard cream.
  • Crafted in Italy, they are the perfect addition to cocktails and other hot or cold beverages.
  • A perfect way to end a dinner party: bring the babas to the table cut in two and served with vanilla ice cream or zabaglione, or even more simply, with a dollop of whipped cream and Fabbri Amarena.

Details: This is a delicious Italian specialty. Fabbri Baba are ideal at any time of the day, on their own or on gelato, cakes and desserts. **PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A 400 GRAM JAR. FABBRI STOPPED MAKING THE 600 G JARRAM AND ONLY CARRY THE 400 GRAM**

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