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Den Originale Vestlands Lefse Norwegian Soft Flatbread - Pack of 4-350g per Box



  • 4 boxes of 350 g Vestlands Lefsa Flatbread. 10 flatbread sheets in each box.
  • Norwegian Vestlands Lefsa Flatbread follows a traditional recipe that has been passed down for generations, ensuring an authentic and delicious taste.
  • Vestlands Flatbread is thin and crispy, making it the perfect choice for those who prefer a lighter and crunchier alternative to regular bread.
  • Preparation: Gently dampen the lefse to bring to life, then cover with a wet cloth for 20 minutes before using. Add your fillings and slice up before serving.
  • The dimensions of each flatbread are 8 inches in diameter and 0.02 inches thick.

Details: Den Orginale Vestlands Lefsa Flatbread is a traditional Norwegian flatbread that is made with high-quality ingredients. It is a soft, thin flatbread that is typically served with butter, cinnamon, and sugar or with cream cheese and smoked salmon.

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