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Delverde Artisan Made Tagliatelle Nests with Spring Water Certified Kosher 8.8oz



  • IMPORTED FROM ITALY: Cook and savor an authentic Italian pasta at the comforts of your home.

Details: Delverde Tagliatelle Nests 8.8oz is a special pasta that is imported from Italy. You and your family can now prepare an authentic Italian pasta dish using these artisan-made tagliatelle nests. It is certified Kosher so you can also enjoy it during Passovers; it was processed under strict conditions to prevent it from coming into contact with any leavening from flour of the prohibited five grains. The rich pasta noodles are produced with pure natural spring water slowly dried the old fashioned way. They are made of macaroni product that is enriched of the power grain semolina. Semolina gives nutty, sweet flavour and striking pale yellow color to the pasta. The pasta contains gluten and may contain traces of eggs, but it still has the nutrients that will be helpful to our bodies. The delicate noodle nests are made of semolina, ferrous lactate (iron), niacin, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid, and water. This is indeed a delicious and healthy treat for your family. This offer gives you 3 packs of the unique pasta product so that you will be able to make an appetizing dish that is good for the whole family at any occasion.

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