Beauty and Blossom

Couronne Company 16.1oz Lime Green Olive Leaf Multi-Purpose Kitchen Olive Oil, Liquid Hand, Dish Soap Decorative Glass Bottle Dispenser Designer Glass Bottle with Perfect Pour Stainless Steel Spout

Use this glass liquid dispenser for Olive Oil, Vinegar, Liquid Dish or Hand Soap. This colorful glass bottle with the delicate olive leaf design gives a sophisticated look for a budget friendly price. The stylish retro eco -friendly bottle looks just as good on the kitchen counter as on your kitchen table. The colorful high gloss liquid dispenser bottle comes with a metal spout. Please note that majority of liquid soaps brands will need to be diluted for best performance. Spout style may vary slightly from one shown in photo. Colored bottles are painted and baked with lead free paint. Variations in color may exist. Wash by hand with warm soapy water. (Not Dishwasher Safe)

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