Strega Colomba Cake - Easter Dove With Strega Chocolate Cream Filling 1kg



  • Deliciously soft and fluffy Colomba cake made with natural leavening
  • Filled with a rich and creamy chocolate Strega cream (15%) for a decadent treat
  • Topped with a crunchy hazelnut glaze (11%) for a delightful contrast of textures
  • Perfect for Easter celebrations or as a special treat anytime of the year.
  • Without almonds and candied orange peels.

Details: Inspired by the oldest recipes of exquisite pastry, Strega bakers have created a classic Easter Dove cake customized with excellent Chocolate and Strega Liqueur cream. The natural leavening gives this Colomba Cake a soft consistency, accompanied by the delicate flavor of the Strega chocolate cream and hazelnut glaze. Delicious Easter Panettone with natural leavening, filled with chocolate and Strega cream, topped with hazelnut glaze. Without almonds and candied orange peels.

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