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Chiostro di Sarrono Panettone with Salted Caramel, 750g, Made in Italy

The Panettone Chiostro di Saronno is produced according to the traditional recipe and criteria, through a slow and natural leavening and all ingredients, from flour to milk, eggs to butter, candied fruit to yeast, are of natural origin strictly fresh and genuine, free of preservatives and colorant. Naturally leavened oven baked product. Hand-wrapped in elegant paper. Italian Panettone bread dates such as a Moscato or Passito. The “Chiostro di Saronno” is an ancient Franciscan cloister located in the centre of the town of Saronno. This is the home of our Company. Legend would have it that at the end of the fourteenth century a pastry maker from the court of visconti wanted to bake a cake for his sweetheart, but during the preparation something went wrong and the dough rose out of all proportion. In this manner the panettone was born, a delicious recipe. Baked in panettone paper molds. Serving French toast with panettone cake is another option

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