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Castello di Poppiano Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250 ml) POP021



  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cold Pressed
  • High polyphenols, low acid, and heart healthy
  • An excellent selection from Tuscany
  • A classic Tuscan blend, 250 ml size
  • Classic rich green peppery Tuscan

Details: At Castello di Poppiano in the Montespertoli area of Chianti, south of Florence, Count Ferdinando Guicciardini, oversees the very limited production of extra virgin olive oil from his grove. Podere La Costa, was acquired by his ancestors in the 14th century. These 30-odd acres of Tuscan frantoio olive trees have produced some of the most intensely flavored oil in Italy. The oil from Podere La Costa is bottled as Laudemio, an elite designation create by central Tuscan growers following the devastating freeze in 1986. The Laudemio consortium oversees production according to strict guidelines. Crafted from a selection of Frantoio (90%), Pendolino and Moraiolo (10%) olive varietals from the best olive groves in the Guicciardini Estate, Poppiano Laudemio’s olives are hand harvested in early November at their perfect ripeness. They are pressed within 24 hours of picking, and never bottled in larger than ½ liter size. The process yields a filtered olive oil with a clear, vibrant green color. Its aroma is classified as intensely fruity, reminiscent of freshly pressed olives and recently cut grass. It tastes faintly of almonds, with a hint of artichoke, and an assertive peppery, round finish. This is a true Tuscan olive oil—-full of intense flavor and aroma. It is green and spicy with the requisite Tuscan peppery after-burn, or pizzicatta. Poppiano Laudemio’s awards include a Gold Medal (L.A. County Fair, 2006), Ercole Olivario (various awards 1996-2003) Packaged in an attractive box -– it is perfect for gift-giving. Drizzle over Ribollita (a thick Tuscan soup with beans, bread, and vegetables) or try on a Florentine steak, Bistecca alla Fiorentina.

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