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Beverage of Instant Monk Fruit (Lo Han Guo / Luo Han Kuo) Extract Sweetener with Pearl Chrysanthemum Powder Tea, Guilin Ge Xian Weng 15 G * 10 Sachets.



  • Beverage of Monk Fruit Pearl Chrysanthemum
  • 15 g. * 10 Sachets.
  • Ingredients: Monk fruit, Chrysanthemum, Pearl, Refined sugar.
  • Preparation: Dissolve 1-2 bags in like warm water.
  • Storage: Keep it at cool, dry and ventilated place.

Details: Beverage of Monk Fruit Pearl Chrysanthemum This product is well prepared from quality Monk fruit, rare pearl & famous Chrysanthemum of HangZhou by means of the modern scientific methods, It is quenching thirst and necessary to be had at home or when travelling.

UPC: 891670252864

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