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Banyuls 5 Year Aged French Red Wine Vinegar 750 Ml



  • Made from Banyuls wine
  • Aged 5 Years
  • Notes of vanilla, walnuts, spice bread, liquorice
  • Adds character to all dishes
  • Imported from France

Details: Banyuls wine vinegar comes from the southern most point of France, where the pyranees run into the Mediterranean. The winegrowers of this area where the soil is inferitle and arid work by hand the vines of the grenache grape. Under the hot sun the dry northerly wind of this region the grapes are picked at full maturity to make superb rich and powerful banyuls wines. The local cuisine holds an amazing wealth of tastes, every dish if ull of color and aromas. One of the secrets behind this cuisine is Banyuls Wine Vinegar. Banyuls wine vinegar of the Cave de l'abbe rous gets its aromatic complexity from an outstanding fortified wine naturally rich in sugar. The wine is stored in 650 liter casks for 4 years where it is exposed to the wind and weather. The conditons allow the wine to age prematurely and develop exceptional aromatic complexity, the same qulaities are reflected in the vinegar. This Banyuls vinegar is a burned topaz in color with tints of gold. Woody and spicy on the nose, while the taste of fresh walnuts and menthol runs deep on the palate. To preserve this complexity in aroma and taste in the next step of aging, the vinegar is transferred to 220 liter casks for 12 months. By the end of the process a full 5 years will have passed. The vinegar when aged to its full potential offers a combination of fresh walnuts, spice bread, beeswax, vanilla and liquorice notes. This complex taste will add character to any dish with just a touch. Imported From France 750 ml

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