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Amora Dijon Mustard Pack of 6 Large Jar



  • Amora Fine and Strong French Dijon Mustard (Moutarde de Dijon Fine et Forte) is a quintessential condiment that can be found in any French kitchen
  • Moutarde Amora is prized for its smooth and elegant texture, tangy taste and crisp finish
  • With a respect for traditional recipes, Amora has been one of the leading mustard brands in France since 1930s
  • Amora Dijon mustard is a classic French staple for making vinaigrette or flavoring meat
  • Great Value: This pack comes with SIX 440g jars of Amora mustard

Details: Amora mustard is a brand of mustard that can be found in any French kitchen or restaurant. Their Dijon mustards are packaged in glass jars with red lids and are known for their strong flavor.

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