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Amifruit Candied Orange Peel Strips 2.2lbs. Ready To Eat, Slowly Candied In Sugar Syrup, Certified Kosher, Gluten Free, GMO Free, Trans Fat Free



  • Amifruit Orange Peel Strips Slowly Candied In Sugar Syrup. Ready To Eat Or Used For Decoration, Dipped In Couverture And Great For Use In Cocktails
  • The Candying Process Replaces The Water Naturally Held Within A Fruit With Sugar Syrup. The Process Requires Close Observation, Changes In Density Of The Sugar Syrup And Many Hours. The Result Is A Preserved Fruit With Great Flavor, A Lustrous Shine And A Chewy Texture.
  • Amifruit Combines The Highest Quality Fruit With First-Class Transformation Technology To Deliver The Purest Expression Of Fruit Flavor To Your Kitchen And Bar. Demi-Sec Fruit, Bakery Jam, Freeze Dried Fruit, Fruit Confit, Coconut, Dried Fruit, Cold-Pressed Juice & Nectars, Fruit Puree, Apple Compote, Lime Juice And Cherry Specialties
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  • Product Certifications: Trans Fat Free, Gluten Free, GMO Free
  • Country of Origin: France

Details: Amifruit combines the highest quality fruit with first-class transformation technology to deliver the purest expression of fruit flavor to your kitchen and bar. Demi-Sec Fruit Bakery Jam Freeze Dried Fruit Fruit Confit Coconut Dried Fruit Cold-Pressed Juice & Nectars Fruit Puree Apple Compote Lime Juice Cherry Specialties

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