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Amabito No Moshio (Seaweed Salt), 3.5-Ounce (100g)



  • Sea salt with seaweed
  • Natural, healthy salt with a mild flavor, Uami
  • Using the best local ingredients of beautiful stretches of the Seto Inland Sea in Japan
  • Individual packing product, convenient zipper bag for preservation, with fabric drawstring pouch

Details: The first revival in Japan of harvesting salt based on the ancient methods of the "amabito," or sea people, Amabito no Moshio is a flavorful and nutritious seaweed salt designed for modern everyday use. Ancient methods is … boiling seaweed and seawater together until a complex salt crystalized that combined the flavor and nutrition of the vegetal seaweed and mineral-laden sea salt. This is called "moshio salts". Amabito no Moshio is made using the best local ingredients and a thoughtful process combining old and new methods. Process of making : The mild taste seaweed "hon’dawara" is dried in the open air, then put in large bags that are placed in specially designed evaporators filled with concentrated seawater. This seaweed-seawater tea is then boiled at a high temperature for four hours. When done, the crystals are removed and centrifuged to eliminate the bittern, and, finally, the salt is heated in a flat pan, with salt makers mixing all the while using large wooden paddles to obtain the correct dry consistency and not roast the salt. The finished salt is sieved by hand to create uniformly articulated salt grains. As a natural, healthy salt with a mild flavor and dry grains, Amabito no Moshio can easily serve as an all-around cooking and finishing salt. Like all moshio salts, it is the natural accompaniment for any food that comes from the sea and is good at enhancing the flavors of all foods as its mild taste does not over-power, while its concentrated umami adds savory richness. Amabito no Moshio has the quintessential flavor of classical Japanese cuisine and is a great harmonizing salt and perfect for light, seasonal cooking.

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