Albertengo Colomba Easter Dove Cake 2.2lb


Classic Colomba Cake made by a traditional recipe studded heavily with candied fruit and orange peel and iced with Piedmont Hazelnut

Chocolate Cherry Easter Cake is rich in fragrant with cherry pieces and drops of rich dark chocolate

Chocolate Easter Cake is even richer than the traditional Colomba, finely grated Italian chocolate gives this cake a captivating aroma and flavor.

Moscato Easter Cake is soft and flaky, filled with plump moscato raisins soaked in Moscato wine - giving a sweet, floral flavor

  • These Cakes are made once a year, these Colomba cakes are shaped like a Dove, and they're just as beautiful to look at as they taste!
  • Easter cakes are a similar recipe to Christmas Panettone
  • Packaged in a festive, hand-wrapped paper with ribbon, they make the perfect hostess gift or thoughtful present for out of town friends or family
  • Combines the traditional aroma of fresh bread and the delicate scent of sweet cake

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