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Alain Milliat Blackcurrant Jam (8.11 Oz)



  • Our jams are distinguished by their high fruit content (63%) and precise cooking control. These two factors are real guarantees of quality for these frank-tasting jams.
  • Through uncompromising selection of raw ingredients, which Alain sources personally as much as possible from groups of producers that practice sustainable, organic or zero-waste agriculture.
  • His sensitive palate enables him to pick out an orchard, its exposure, a colour or variety, and above all the optimum maturity that enables the juice to really express every nuance of the fruit.
  • Fruits are processed in Valence, in the Drôme area of France. All of the fruit is sent here, before being bottled and shipped to over 40 countries. These juices and nectars are exclusively distributed directly to fine-dining restaurants, luxury hotels and delicatessens.
  • Alain Milliat’s aim is to offer a special experience while introducing consumers to rich and delicate textures and unforgettable aromatic freshness. Making every tasting a unique moment rich in emotion.

Details: Grandson and son of farmers, farmer himself, Alain Milliat took over the family farm in 1983 in Orliénas, near Lyon. For 15 years, he restores and installs in the traditional craftsmanship new plots which he takes care of, like a real garden and integrates natural means for a better respect of the environment. Considering his somewhat restricted aesthetic universe, he then imagined another horizon beyond his orchards. Through an uncompromising selection of the raw material, Alain sources himself from groups of producers practicing at least reasoned, organic or zero-residue agriculture. His sensitivity allows him to identify an orchard, an exposure, a color, a variety, but above all the optimal maturity which will then allow him to express in his juices all the particularities of the selected fruit. The transformation is carried out in Valence in the Drôme. All the fruit arrives in this workshop and the bottles are shipped to more than 20 countries. These top-of-the-range juices and nectars are distributed to fine restaurants but are also intended for luxury hotels and delicatessen shops. We are not only Made in France, we want to show responsibility in our supplies. More than 50% of our fruit is French and we give maximum priority to local producers close to the workshop located in the heart of the French fruit growing area. For exotic fruits, consistency and reasoning prohibit us from shipping by air because the carbon impact would be unacceptable. The juices and pulps are therefore extracted and frozen in the production areas and then transported by boat. Our entire manufacturing process tends to be more and more responsible, thus reducing energy consumption and bottling in bottles made from 70% recycled glass.

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