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Agrisicilia Sicilian Jam and Marmalade 12.7oz Made in Italy (Sicilian Blood Orange, 2 Pack)


Details: For 30 years, Agrisicilia has been producing exceptional jams in Belpasso on the Piana di Catania in Sicily. Renown for their fertile soil (thanks to the proximity of Mount Etna) and microclimate, the fruit is grown here has a remarkable flavor and nutritional values. In fact, the unique "terroir" has awarded the blood oranges grown here IGP status. Cleaned, peeled and chopped by hand after picking, Agrisicilia then slows cooks the fruit with the addition of sugar. Then they are jarred, pasteurized and left to cool at room temperature to preserve the flavor and fragrance of the Sicilian fruits. Remarkably fresh-tasting, their jams and marmalades explode with the flavors of sunny Sicily! Each variety is sold separately. Available in 7 different fruits: Sicilian Lemon Marmalade Sicilian Blood Orange IGP Marmalade Sicilian Pear Jam Sicilian Orange-Strawberry Jam Sicilian White Fig Jam Sicilian Orange-Cinnamon Marmalade Sicilian Lemon-Ginger Marmalade

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