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[瀬戸内の藻塩] Setouchi No Moshio (Seaweed Salt), Japan Premium Imported - 35.2 Oz



  • THE SETOUCHI SEAWEED SALT IS GREAT for steaks, salads, and even rice balls. You can enjoy its true flavor by seasoning your meat with it. It can also be used to make delicious rice balls. The mildness of the Amabito seaweed salt will make them even tastier. The secret is to mix the seaweed salt with white soup stock (“dashi”), and gently shape the rice.
  • Premium Imported (Made in Japan, Setouchi) [瀬戸内の藻塩]
  • 2.2 Pound | Pack of 1
  • Slightly drier type of moshio, it has mellow but rich mineral taste that enhances flavors of any type of dish.
  • Taste that even professional chefs recognize! "Reasonable type" adds seaweed to bite of PREMIUM algal salt It is a salty salt from Awaji Island that has been pickled and improved in taste. A lot of dry type “dry type” according to usage A lineup of "wet type" that best suits your needs.

Details: プロの料理人も認める味! 『リーズナブルタイプ』は、PREMIUM藻塩のにがりに海藻をさらに 漬け込み、美味しさがUPした淡路島の藻塩です。 使用用途に合わせて、サラサラタイプの「ドライタイプ」と、大量 ニーズに最適な「ウェットタイプ」をラインアップ。 さらに当社では、他にもさまざまな藻塩をご用意しておりますので、 お気軽にご相談下さい。 【特長】 ■美味しさが向上 ■厳選した国産原料を使用 ■用途に合わせて2種類から選択可能 ※詳しくはカタログをご覧頂くか、お気軽にお問い合わせ下さい。 A taste that is recognized by professional chefs! "Reasonable type" is Awaji Island's algae salt that further pickles seaweed in PREMIUM algae salt and improves its deliciousness. A lineup of smooth type "dry type" and "wet type" that is ideal for large amounts of needs according to the purpose of use. In addition, we have a variety of other algae salts, so please feel free to contact us. [Features] ■Improved deliciousness ■Using carefully selected domestic raw materials ■You can choose from 2 types according to the application ※For details, please see the catalog or feel free to contact us.

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